“Black Dog” Android video update

A few days ago recorded and narrated a video explaining the changes that have been implemented in the Android version of “Black Dog” to improve on the HTML 5 version

So much have been changed, in fact, that a new name may be necessary to differentiate the two. Saying “the Android version” all the time is getting old:

Since uploading this video I’ve added a few more animations and fixed a few bugs. That’s all for now – input and questions are welcome as usual :)

2 thoughts on ““Black Dog” Android video update

  1. qubodup

    Nice! Great commentary! The game looks definitely more engaging.

    I watched the video at the resolution in which you embedded it and it seemed to me that the dog ‘projectiles’ might be hard to see on the darkest background. A fire/blood/’air’ border/tail might solve that problem, if it actually exists and is not intended. :)


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