Malloc is a little Sokoban clone I wrote in C, using the “Simple DirectMedia Layer” (SDL). The advantage of SDL is that it’s cross-platform, so I can publish games on Windows, Mac and Linux. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t have hardware acceleration, unlike OpenGL. It is, however, a lot simpler, with plenty of resources, so it’s great to learn with.

I used M@teo‘s C/SDL tutorial from the “Site Du Zero“, which I’d heartily recommend to anyone who speaks French: that I’d rather follow his tutorials than ones written in my mother-tongue says a lot for their quality. Along the way I added the odd “improvement”, extra feature and finally some nice, 64×64 sprites (shrunk from 128×128). The game might be good for introducing kids Memory Allocation, who knows?

Cross compilation, despite using a cross-platform library, proved rather difficult. Ultimately it was far easier to use VirtualBox to emulate Windows XP and to compile the Windows versions pseudo-natively. Luckily Codeblocks, my IDE of choice, is also cross-platform, so I was able to send across and compile new versions quite easily once I’d set everything up on the guest.

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